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The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018

Digital Recordings & Transcript Downloads


The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018 gives you the opportunity to receive lifetime access to:

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2018 Thriving in Your Third Act: Women Finding Fire & Fulfillment After 50 series series — listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, & more!

PLUS Your Bonus Collection including extraordinary recordings from the 2017 Thriving in Your Third Act summit series, helpful guides and ebooks for finding your health, freedom, and confidence, guided breathwork, and more! 

Package Value: $500

Now Only $247

Your Third Act Wisdom “Tool Kit”

The visionary women who teach in The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018 will provide their profound (and playful) wisdom, and support your personal journey of transformation into a juicy, fulfilling third phase of life.

They offer deep insights, great belly laughs, and the practices and tools you need to harness your (possibly forgotten?) passion and direct your energy toward creating the life of your dreams — it’s not too late! — while bringing much-needed change to your community and our world.

With this invaluable resource you can turn to time-and-again, you’ll discover:

  • How to be a “juicy crone” & discover the Goddesses and Archetypes that are active in the postmenopausal phase of your live

  • Practices for worry-proofing yourself & avoiding the midlife “happiness dip” by retraining your brain

  • The role of stress as the most critical (yet unrecognized) nutrition issue of our time and powerful ways you can destress in alignment with Mother Nature

  • Explore how to harvest the charge in your energy body and bring more life force into your tissues

  • Exciting possibilities for reinventing your life, your focus, & your passions

  • Key practices to help you renew your life and reinvent yourself — free of cultural myths — and bask in the great joy of presence, connection, & new forms of play

  • How to create a supportive, thriving community of your choice

  • How to maintain optimal health during your wisdom years

  • How to express yourself spiritually as you become an Elder

  • Practices for igniting the power of your empathy and intuition to revitalize every area of your life

  • How to step into the fullest expression of yourself as you journey to a new adventure in your 50s and beyond

  • Embodying your inner boldness, expanding your capacities for standing for love

  • How to be in deeper relationships with more ease, creativity and flow

  • How to be the best care-giver to yourself (and others) while feeling nourished, balanced, and nurtured

  • How to remove pain, depression, anxiety, and other challenges that weigh you down

  • Explore your blockages around sexuality and how to become the fierce feminine force of nature that you are

  • Financial interdependence and ways of making do with what you have

And more!

You’ll discover profound insights and practical tools to embrace your unique gifts and launch them into action in a way that activates your joy and power — and your capacity to create positive change in today’s chaotic world.

With The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018, you'll own the teachings to support your continued growth and connection with your true Self, and tap into a profound sense of wellbeing and purpose.

PLUS, you’ll receive access to these BONUSES when you upgrade!:

Marianne Williamson Inspirational Collection

3 audio recordings from Marianne Williamson


  • Let Us Sow Love​ AND Take a Stand!​
  • Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey From Suffering To Enlightenment
  • The Divine Alignment of Body and Soul

Healing in Your Third Act Package

Audio recordings from Marianne Williamson, Lynne Twist, and others

Healing can happen in any area of your life! Enjoy this curated collection of some of our favorite sessions from last year’s Thriving in you Third Act. Sessions include:

  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Marianne Williamson
  • The Soul of Money: Finding freedom through your relationship with money with Lynne Twist
  • Staying Stronger Longer, Creating Better Bones in a Better Body with Dr. Susan Brown
  • Healing Grandmother Earth and Ourselves with Dr. Maria Michael
  • Creating Community as We Grow Older with Beth Baker

Fierce with Age Retreat

Self-guided 21-day journey with Carol Orsborn

Passing beyond midlife initiates a new life stage, bearing with it high anticipation, celebration, and, sometimes, outright terror. If you’re determined to make the next stage of your life as vital as the decades that have come before, this self-guided retreat is for you!

  • Initiate a new level of freedom not dependent on the affirmation of others
  • Replace the stereotypes of aging with the embrace of a new, vital life stage
  • Let go of who you once were to re-energize your vision of who you are becoming
  • Build an inspired plan for the future... including your aspirations, relationships, practical decisions, and well-being.
  • Clarify your relationship to spirituality and religion
  • Explore the key issues surrounding ultimate concerns that everyone who hopes to become fierce with age must address

The Higher Mind of Second Maturity

Audio recording from Jean Houston

Throughout our "second maturity," we gain access to capacities that are as great or greater than those of our earlier life. Join Jean Houston, philosopher, author, and futurist, as she speaks to another level of wisdom and spiritual power that only life experience can bring. She discusses the advantages of being in your second maturity, the difference between being an elder and being elderly... and ways to invite the younger generations to receive the contributions you're meant to make in the world, so you can feel the impact of your own legacy.

During this brilliant session, you'll discover:

  • One key question to ask yourself as you move from your own subjective life to a life of higher meaning
  • How to transcend the unpredictability and chaos of today's world & stay connected to your higher Source
  • Practices for building & harnessing spiritual power as you age

The Language of Feminine Confidence

Communication guide from Caroline Muir

The 10 tips offered in this guide will give you fresh, updated, pro-aging, savvy communication tools to light up your self-image and banish negative self-talk. These simple yet powerful guidelines will charge up your life force energy, passion, and vitality in unexpected and delightful ways.

Building the Foundation of Prayer

Audio lesson from Grandmother SaSa

Grandmother SaSa is a seer, dreamer, and universal hands-on healer. She spent many years gaining inspiration and teachings from honored Cherokee medicine woman Nakai Breen. In this recording, Grandmother SaSa shares a prayer by Grandmother Nakai, which she left for the people. Grandmother SaSa also explains the meaning and importance of forming a bridge for strength and building the foundation of prayer into our everyday lives.

A Morning Practice for Being A Timeless Goddess

Guide from Sabrina Chaw

This guide outlines the short simple practices summit host Sabrina does each morning to connect with the ageless part of her being, to be grounded in her heart and body, and to walk through the world with confidence. These are whole-body practices to fuel your womanly senses, lead you to commune with The Mother and The Beloved, and awaken your core through movement and pleasure... while energizing your chakras.

Quickstart — Your Guide to a Radical Metabolism

2-week diet protocol with recipes & shopping lists by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

This guide will provide you with special secrets for vitality, wellbeing, and weight loss. This is the perfect en·trée to the Radical Metabolism book, which will keep you slimming and anti-aging for years to come.

Breathing Biofield Bliss: Stress-Buster and Bliss-Builder

Audio and downloadable guide from Debora Wayne

Let yourself be guided through this deeply relaxing breathwork technique that has the potential to change everything and get your energy and life back on track! Benefits can include increased energy levels, improved sleep, toned stomach muscles, relief from depression, anxiety, fear, and anger, lower stress levels, sharper memory, focus and productivity, and more!

Every Bite Is Divine

Ebook by Annie Kay

We each have a perfect natural weight and shape. By remembering how to care for ourselves lovingly, we allow ourselves to rediscover our unique and healthy body. Through yoga and other methods of relaxation and rediscovering our self-care basics, we avoid being a casualty in the collision between human biology and modern society.

The Blame Eliminator

Video lesson from Katie Hendricks

Learning to eliminate blame and criticism (self-criticism included!) is a key to savoring and expanding in your third act. This simple and powerful activity works. Enjoy!

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to the powerful tools, resources, and life-changing (and life-giving!) practices you can start applying in your life today!

Package Value: $500

Now Only $247

Discover Powerful Practices & Profound Wisdom to Ignite Your Life After 50!

Do you long to be doing your “life’s work?” Are you still trying to discern your true calling and purpose?

Do struggle with the conflict between the fire you feel inside and the cultural messages that you’ve already passed your pinnacle, and that there’s nothing much left that’s meant for you in this lifetime?

Or maybe you feel that it’s too late to go after your dreams (especially the ones you’ve had since you were a child and never told anyone about!).

With The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018, you’ll be inspired, empowered, and fully equipped to step out of cultural conditioning and internalized belief systems — and into a larger, more luscious life filled with purpose and potential!

The visionary women in this series guide you, step-by-step, in making the next move, fulfilling your calling, and embarking on your “third act” journey.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018

The Third Act Wisdom Collection 2018 includes:

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2018 Thriving in Your Third Act: Women Finding Fire & Fulfillment After 50 summit series — listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, & more!

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE including extraordinary recordings from the 2017 Thriving in Your Third Act summit series, helpful guides and ebooks for finding your health, freedom, and confidence, guided breathwork, and more! 

Package Value: $500

Now Only $247


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